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Child Custody Modifications

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Child custody modifications involve individuals that have one type of custody of their child or children and are seeking to modify the current Order regarding child custody in place. Modifications are pursued for many reasons, but most often are sought when an event occurs wherein the best interests of a child would be served by a change in custody, or in the event of the occurrence of a material change in circumstances after the Order was entered. Courts try to ensure that a child’s best interests will be promoted by a change of custody, that the benefits of the custody modification will outweigh any disruptive effects, and take into account a wide variety of factors. Child Custody cases can be extremely urgent, contact an experienced family law attorney from our team to schedule a consultation by calling (256) 539-4464 or completing an online case evaluation form.

Schedule a Consultation to Modify a Child Custody Agreement

To schedule a consultation with a divorce and family law attorney helping those with child custody modifications, call (256) 539-4464 or complete an online case evaluation form. In the initial consultation, a lawyer from our team will gather the details and facts regarding your case and develop a strategic plan that will outline the path moving forward. After we develop a plan, our family lawyers will stand next to you and fight for your desired outcome throughout your days in court. We genuinely believe in the best interest of our clients, and work diligently with the goal of achieving an outcome that satisfies all of their needs.

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