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Who is eligible for an expungement in North Alabama?

In Alabama, expungement laws are very stringent. Only individuals who have been charged without conviction of a misdemeanor or non-violent felony may erase their records. Misdemeanors and other violations are eligible if the defendant was found not guilty, if the charge was dismissed with or without prejudice more than 2 years ago (and was not refiled), or if the charge was no-billed by the grand jury.

Only non-violent felonies are eligible for expungement if there was not a guilty verdict, dismissed charges, or no-billed charges. Also, defendants who completed a diversion program or were not convicted of any other crimes (with an exception of minor traffic violations) within the last five years are also eligible for expungement in Alabama.

Are there any felony criminal charges that cannot be expunged?

Individuals are not eligible for expungement if they were convicted of violent felonies that are included in the Alabama Code, such as:

*Alabama misdemeanor charges for domestic violence may still be expunged.

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