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Obtaining Power of Attorney in Alabama

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Our local elder law team assists individuals in the Huntsville and North Alabama areas who are seeking to setup a power of attorney. Having a power of attorney will allow you to make important financial, medical, and other decisions for a loved one if poor health interferes with their ability to handle their own matters.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document in which one person (principal) appoints another person (agent), which gives an agent authority to act in the place of the principal - for important medical, financial, and other decisions. With an effective power of attorney in place, a family can avoid having to ask the court for the appointment of a “conservator” over a loved one’s financial affairs.

What are the Benefits of Obtaining a Power of Attorney?

The principal can determine how much authority he or she wants to delegate to the agent, and to whom that authority is delegated. The appointed agent can act on behalf of the principal without the necessity of court intervention if the principal later becomes disabled or incapacitated. Having a power of attorney does not mean that the principal gives up the right to act for him or herself. Instead, it is like appointing a deputy. A power of attorney gives the agent the ability to help and to make difficult decisions for a loved one.

If you or a loved one needs to obtain a power of attorney - contact an elder law attorney from our team to schedule a phone or office consultation. Schedule a consultation today by calling (256) 539-4464 or completing on online case evaluation form here. During your initial consultation, our team will gather the information necessary to prepare a power of attorney and provide you with additional information regarding estate planning strategies.

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