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If you have been recently involved in a theft crime and are currently facing charges, you need a seasoned theft crime lawyer by your side. Our Huntsville theft crime defense lawyers at Crumbley-Blackwell & Associates, P.C. offer professional legal counsel and work diligently towards a favorable outcome.

We have a Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Rating of AV Preeminent® and 100+ years of combined experience in the area of criminal defense. Schedule your free case evaluation with one of our attorneys by calling our office at (256) 539-4464 or submitting an online form.

Definition of Theft and Larceny in Alabama

If you are involved in a theft-related case or have been charged with larceny in Huntsville, AL, it is important to stay informed of what is and is not considered a crime. The following are the situations in which theft and / or larceny charges are applicable:

  • If the individual intentionally exerts or obtains unauthorized control over another individual's property with the sole intent of depriving the owner of their property.
  • If the individual knowingly exerts control over any property that is in custody of one or more law enforcement agencies, especially if the property was previously reported as stolen.
  • If the individual knowingly obtains control over another individual's property through deception and with the sole intent of depriving that person of the ownership.
  • If the individual knowingly exerts authority or obtains unauthorized access to donated items left behind by charitable organizations. The definition of property can be extended to land, trailers, drop boxes, and the region within 30 feet of the premises belonging to the charitable organization.

Have you recently been charged of theft in Huntsville, AL?

The rules and regulations pertaining to theft are drawn from the Code of Alabama 1975 under Title 13A Criminal Section. To know more about how you can make the best of your case, get in touch with our Huntsville theft crime defense lawyers. With us, you can be assured of reliable and helpful guidance.

If you are accused of theft – robbery or burglary – you will need experienced lawyers to contest the charges levied against you. At Crumbley-Blackwell & Associates, P.C. we offer top-tier legal services and help you understand each and every detail of your case. We also offer a free initial consultation with our theft crime defense lawyers in Huntsville so you can discuss your legal options.

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